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Hi, I’m Arina (they/she), speculative fiction book blogger in tech. I'm a gamer and mythology buff who enjoys SFF populated with politics and (mega freaking) robots. Advocating for indie (self-published and by indie presses) and inclusive lit is one of my greatest passions.

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Queer Lit:
A Manchester-based LGBTQ+ independent bookstore, focusing on bringing great queer literature to the hands of readers. They even take recommendations for which books to stock up on!

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on Jan 23, 2021 Acquired a Queens Public Library international card, which will hugely contribute to my reading and the diversity of content on the blog (something previously impossible due to the lack of accessibility in international libraries —when they even exist—)


If you'd like to gift me a book directly, I have a few retailer wishlists you can visit. Thank you in advance for your kindness and for making my day with your gift! Know it means the world to me :)

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